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Load Capacities Available

4,400 LB
7,500 LB
10,000 LB
15,000 LB

Load Capacities Available

4,400 LB
7,500 LB
10,000 LB
15,000 LB

Lift-A-Load Elevating Platform Trailers

The Lift-A-Load Elevating Platform Trailers utilize a hydraulic system to smoothly raise or lower equipment to and from any loading dock, eliminating the need for hazardous, slanted ramp boards. This ensures the delivery of equipment without the need for double handling, offering a quicker and safer method.

In its transport position, the trailer maintains a low center of gravity for secure towing. When lowered, it provides a minimal loading angle, making it ideal for accommodating vehicles with low ground clearance or limited gradeability, such as forklifts, sweepers, scissor lifts, safes, ATMs, and various other equipment.

Additionally, lowering the trailer close to the ground results in nearly sixteen inches of additional headroom. Its straightforward operation, exceptional flexibility, and heightened safety features enable a single individual to effortlessly load and transport cargo.

All trailers are built to order with options to suit your requirements.

Our Models:

Lift-A-Load Models Payload Capacity GVWR Deck Length Deck Width
EPT2-212 4,400 lbs 7,352 lbs 12’ 6’ 2”
EPT4-314 7,500 lbs 11,665 lbs 14’ 6’ 2”
EPT4-316 7,500 lbs 11,868 lbs 16’ 6’ 2”
EPT4-514 10,000 lbs 14,765 lbs 14’ 6’ 2”
EPT4-516 10,000 lbs 14,968 lbs 16’ 6’ 2”
EPT4-716 15,000 lbs 21,412 lbs 16’ 5’ 8”


  • Built to Last
    • Heavy welded steel structure provides superior strength and protection from everyday use and abuse.
  • Drive-on Access
    • Hydraulically adjusts anywhere from ground level to dock height, while maintaining stability throughout the procedure.
  • No Dangerous Ramp Boards
    • Eliminating the need for ramp boards tremendously reduces potential for injuries, prioritizing the safety of the operator. 
  • Smooth Travel
    • The use of hydraulics over rubber suspension provides smooth travel even when pulling the trailer empty.


  • Hydraulic Pump Cover 
    • Hydraulic pump cover secures the pump and protects it from weather and debris.
  • Parking Jack
    • Swing down parking jack furnished on all tongue style Lift-A-Load trailers. 
  • Auxiliary Battery Holder
    • Auxiliary battery holder located in an easily accessible location.
  • On-Board Power Package
    • The on-board power package includes the hydraulic system, marine grade battery, and charger/maintainer.
  • Tailgate Winch
    • The tailgate winch is a simple but effective way to assist in raising and lowering the tailgate/ramp.
  • Spare Tire, Wheel, and Carrier (Optional)
    • For added convenience, an optional spare tire, wheel, and carrier can be mounted to your trailer.
  • Cargo Winch (Optional) 
    • Optional cargo winch lets you pull non-powered loads onto the trailer bed. 
  • E-Track Package (Optional)
    • The optional E-Track package simplifies delivery of taller or specialty items.
  • Customizable Colors (Optional)
    • Standard paint colors are black, yellow, and blue. Please ask about any other colors shown on the website, and we will provide a quote for custom paint.
  • Aluminum Wheels (Optional)