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An introduction to Four Degree Trailer Company

An introduction to Four Degree Trailer Company


With a legacy spanning over six decades, Four Degree Trailer Company is a longstanding stalwart in the trailer manufacturing industry. Founded in 1961 as Advance Metalworking Co., Inc., ownership was later transferred to Rhino Tool Company, who rebranded to introduce the Four Degree product line. Four Degree represents a long history of manufacturing in Kewanee, IL and has consistently delivered American Made, high-quality, trailers renowned for safety, durability, and innovation.

A Legacy of Innovation: The Lift-A-Load

Initially specializing in the manufacturing of agricultural trailers, the company soon transitioned to producing custom trailer designs, setting the stage for the introduction of groundbreaking models that revolutionized the industry.

The 1980’s marked the introduction of the Lift-a-Load Elevating Platform Trailer, showcasing a commitment to innovation and versatility. This unique trailer, featuring hydraulic capabilities, can seamlessly adjust to various heights, remaining level throughout the procedure—a hallmark of engineering prowess.

Continued Evolution: The Lo Riser

In 2005, the company introduced another game-changer with the Lo Riser Inclining Platform Trailer, boasting a hydraulic tilt bed for effortless ground-level access. This model, with its minimal load angle of four degrees allows for easy, drive-on access and exemplifies the company’s longstanding dedication to enhancing functionality and convenience for its customers. The Lo Riser boasts a four to one payload to trailer weight ratio and high strength steel decking. Over the years, Four Degree has expanded its product line further, introducing a range of models which cater to the diverse needs of ever-varying industries. The use of hydraulics over rubber suspension provides smooth travel even when empty.

Ushering in a New Era: Acquisition by Triple L Group, LLC

In January of 2024, Four Degree underwent a significant transition as it was acquired by Triple L Group, LLC, marking a fresh chapter in its storied history. Triple L Group, LLC is a subsidiary of prominent Chicago-based holding company, L Street Corporation. Now operating under the stewardship of its parent company, Triple L, Four Degree is poised for continued growth and innovation. As the original leader in drop-deck trailer technology, Triple L brings a wealth of experience and resources to enhance Four Degree’s operations and mutually expand the product lines of both companies.

Looking Ahead

With the acquisition, Four Degree remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering superior trailers and unparallelled customer service. All trailer components will continue to be inspected on site to ensure they meet the high-quality standards that Four Degree has maintained since 1961. Though now headquartered in Chicago, the company’s manufacturing facility will continue to thrive at their current location in Kewanee, IL, ensuring continuity and stability for customers and employees alike.

“This acquisition brings together the collective expertise and knowledge of over 80 years of trailer manufacturing. Not only does this significantly and positively expand the product line of the Triple L organization by adding a line with significantly higher payloads and additional capabilities”, states Jay Sebben, CEO of L Street Corporation, “It also expands the manufacturing capabilities for both companies while adding additional geographic reach in support of the growth of our customers.”