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Designed to Carry Aircraft Wing Jacks Only

Designed to Carry Aircraft Wing Jacks Only

Wing Jack Trailer

The Wing Jack Trailers are hydraulically operated elevating platform trailers engineered specifically for the safe and efficient loading and transportation of aircraft wing jacks. These trailers are designed for flight-line operations only and not intended for over-the-road transport. They have no fenders, lights, or brakes and have a maximum speed allowance of 15 mph.

This trailer allows for the transportation of multiple wing jacks by a single operator, significantly streamlining the delivery process and optimizing efficiency. Additionally, this trailer minimizes wear on jack wheels and prolongs their lifespan and reduces maintenance expenses. The trailer deck lowers hydraulically to ground level, offering a minimal three-degree loading angle without the hassle of ramps. Wing jacks can be effortlessly maneuvered on and off the trailer.

Our Model:




Dimensions Loads
A = 10′ 10″ (130″)

B = 26′ (312″)

C = 8′ 7″ (103″)

D = 20′ (240″)

Clearance of deck at transport height = 11″

1100 lbs Tongue Load (Trailer)

380 lbs Tongue Load (Cargo)

1480 lbs Total Tongue Load

2920 lbs Wheel Load (Trailer)

3620 lbs Wheel Load (Cargo)

6540 lbs Total Wheel Load

Specifications and Features
  • Ground to Travel Height
  • GVWR 8020 lbs
  • Trailer Weight 4020 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 4000 lbs
  • Tires ST235/80R16LRE (3500 lbs Capacity Each)
  • Spare Tire and Carrier
  • 2 1/2″ Bore by 10″ Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders
  • 2 1/2″ Lunette Eye (Pintle) Hitch
  • Ramp Built-in
  • Controlled Descent
  • Lockable Pump and Battery Cover
  • On Board Hydraulics – Pump Under Cover
  • On Board 12 Volt Battery – Under Cover
  • 110 Volt Battery Maintainer
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • Tie Down Rail Built-in
  • Standard Tongue Jack
  • Standard 6 “D” Rings
  • Safety Chains
  • 7K Rated Axles and Wheels
  • Rear Gates Pin to Secure
  • 4000 lb Line Pull Cargo Winch
  • Remote Control Switch with 10′ Cord
  • HSLA Steel Construction (No Angle or Channel Iron)
  • Hydraulic Suspension
  • Air Force Gray Enamel Paint