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Get a Lo Riser or Lift-a-Load trailer working for you.

Our Story

The Advance Metalworking Co., Inc. has been in business for over 60 years, and as of July 31st, ownership was transferred to Rhino Tool Company. Both family-owned, companies have a long manufacturing history in Kewanee and pride themselves on continuing a tradition of producing American Made, high-quality, durable tools that increase safety, productivity, and profits. Although ownership has changed, Advance Metalworking’s product will continue to be a superior option in the trailer manufacturing industry.

Initially a manufacturer of agricultural trailers, Advance Metalworking then expanded into custom trailer designs, creating the unique trailer models utilized today.

The 1980’s marked the introduction of the Lift-a-Load® Elevating Platform Trailer which can be hydraulically lowered to ground height or raised to dock height, or any level in between, while remaining level throughout the procedure. These drop-deck trailers are made with straight tongue or gooseneck hitch, single or dual axle, with capacities from 4,400 to 15,000 lbs.

First introduced in 2005, The Lo Riser® Inclining Platform Trailer (tilt bed trailer) can be hydraulically lowered to ground height. The built-in ramp provides a minimum angle of 4 degrees allowing easy, drive-on access. The Lo Riser boasts a 4 to 1 payload to trailer weight ratio with high strength steel decking. We improved on the first model, by introducing the 6,000, 10,000, 12,000, 14,000 lb, and 16,000 lb capacity models which have a 16 ft bed length, a 4 degree load angle, 4 position hitch height adjustment, extra-large, lockable storage area and more. The combination of hydraulics over rubber suspension provides smooth travel even when empty and all Lo Riser models can be lowered to ground level with just the flip of a switch for easy, drive-on access.

Superior trailers and customer service are our priority. All trailer components are inspected on site, to insure they meet the high-quality standards we have maintained since 1961. Questions or concerns about our trailers? Call us, we’ll be here to personally answer your questions or offer recommendations to help meet your requirements.

Rhino Tool Company has been a leading manufacturer of gas, hydraulic and pneumatic post drivers since 1975. Also located in Kewanee, IL, Rhino Tool remains focused on product innovation, product support, and the production of quality products – Utilizing USA based materials and workmanship. Rhino Tool Company currently maintains distribution in 47 countries and works with hundreds of sales and service dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

The Lo-Riser, Lift-A-Load, and Wing Jack trailers will now be rebranded and produced by Four Degree Trailer Company under the management of its parent company Rhino Tool.

“Rebranding Advance Metalworking as Four Degree Trailer demonstrates to customers that our focus will remain on making unique, superior quality trailers, but refresh the look and branding of the company,” states Jim Martin, Owner of Rhino Tool – “The Kull’s and their staff can be proud of what they have built up over the past 60 years and expect further growth under Rhino Tool Company leadership”.

The trailer manufacturing and office will remain at the current location, 3726 US Hwy 34, Kewanee, IL.

A new website at fourdegreetrailer.com is under development. Contact with Advance Metalworking customer service will not change, please continue to call 800-369-5365 or 309-853-3387 Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST.